Cover Art by Giorgio Ascoli and Steve Senft -- 8/30/1999.

The cover figure represents a portion of an ArborVitae simulation showing the details of two virtually generated polymorphic interneurons in the CA1 region of the rat hippocampus. The image was captured as a screenshot from a 3D graphic display of an SGI O2 computer. The cell bodies, the axons (non-tapering tubular processes) as well as several dendrites and a few dendritic spines are visible. Overimposed to the cells are examples of electrophysiological traces (membrane potential versus time) calculated by solving the differential equations corresponding to the electric circuit equivalent of neurons such as those shown here. Regular spiking mode is visible on the top left trace (blue lines, originating from an off-field neuron), plateau bursting mode is visible in the bottom left trace (white lines, originating from another off-field neuron), and regular bursting is visible on the left (yellow lines, originating on the visible underlying neuron).