The Dendro1 executable v. 1:   Dendro1.exe

            Syntax:  Dendro1 <input file with extension> <output file name prefix (no extension, .swc is used)> <optional distance between branches, default is 10um>

The program will create a separate swc file for each tree on the cell.  They will be named using the prefix given, a letter designating the type (3 for basal, 4 for apical), and the number of the tree as encountered in the swc file.  For example the following command line would result in the creation of the following files (assuming one apical and three basal trees).

Dendro1 input.swc output






The following files are example dendrograms created from cell n421.swc from the Duke-Southampton archive.

n421d41.swc,  n421d31.swc, n421d32.swc,  n421d33.swc

The following files are dendrograms for an example virtual LNeuron cell created using the edited.prm file with a random seed 34. 

34d41.swc,  34d31.swc,  34d32.swc