ABC Meeting Calendar (Friday, 1pm)

Oct 4      Giorgio: "Foundations of the virtual brain project" (research proposal and overview)
Oct 11    Ruggero (summer school report and project presentation)
Oct 18    Duncan (research brain storm)
Oct 25    Ji-Ling (practice talk)
Nov 1     No Mtg (SFN)
Nov 8     SFN participants (Alexei, Giorgio, Ji-Ling, Ruggero): SFN Reports
Nov 15   Avrama (research results)
Nov 22   Alexei (Tutorial on his Neuronal viewer, analyzer, and remodeler)
Nov 29   No Mtg (Thanksgiving)
Dec 6      John B. (journal club: CA3, NMDA, and place cells)
Dec 13    Ruggero (Research results: neuronal shape classification by machine learning)
Dec 20    Giorgio (research results)
Dec 27     No Mtg (Winter Break)

Jan 31     {10AM} Michele Migliore (Yale) "On the computational roles of active dendritic conductances"
Feb 7      John A. (on event related potentials)
Feb 14    Avrama (on basal ganglia)
Feb 21    {2PM} Nancy Desmond's visit [CANCELED FOR SNOW]
Feb 28    Alexei (on dendritic modeling)
Mar 7      Duncan (overview of dendritic development)
Mar 14    No lab mtg (spring break)
Mar 21    No lab mtg
Mar 28    Horatiu Voicu (Duke University) - Spatial Navigation Models
Apr 4       Daniel Segre' (Harvard University) - Metabolic Networks
new Apr 9 (WEDNESDAY) Abbas Sadeghi - Electrophysiology of voltage gated channels
new Apr 11 Xiaoshen Li (Univ. Illinois, Chicago) - GabaA receptors and neuroinformatics
Apr 18     No lab mtg
Apr 25     Nancy Desmond - CA1 tracings
May 2      Xinlian Liu (Argonne National Labs) - Parallel computing and scientific visualization
May 9      Susan Wearne (NYU) - Confocal microscopy of cortical cells
May 14    (WEDNESDAY)   Gwen Jacobs (Montana State University) - Probabilistic mapping of the spatial distribution of synapses
May 23    No lab mtg (social complexity conference at GMU)
June ?     Giorgio: recent Schaefer J Neurphys paper (journal club)