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2012-2013 CN3 Meeting Calendar - Wednesdays 1:30sharp-3:00pm, Krasnow Lecture Room.

Date - Presenter, Meeting type: Title

Sep 5 - Bernard Baars (Neuroscience Institute), Guest seminar: Cognitive neurobiology & consciousness.

Sep 12 - Ted, journal club,

Sep 19 - Giorgio & Jim Thompson (Psych Dept), grant planning seminars: MURI Years 4-5 Kick-Off: From Attentive to Automated Performance: A Multi-Scale, Multi-Species, and Multi-Modal Investigation of Spatial Learning.

Sep 26 - No CN3 Mtg, Yom Kippur.

Oct 3 - Sarah, research seminar, Dorsal striatal LTP changes with training on the Plus maze.

Oct 10 -  David, research seminar, The June'12 Allen Brain Institute Hackaton.

Oct 17 - No CN3 Mtg, SfN.

Oct 24 - All SfN attendees, Highlights from N'awlins.

Oct 31 - Rebekah, research seminar, Calcium concentration and action potential timing during realistic upstates.

Nov 14 - Mike, research seminar, Temperature induced false-positive labeling during colorimetric in situ.

Nov 21 - No CN3 Mtg, Thanksgiving.

Nov 28 -  Diek, research seminar, Hippocampome alpha.

Dec 5 -  Alexei, research seminar, Measuring word abstractness.

Dec 12 - Bob, journal club, Goal-oriented searching mediated by ventral hippocampus early in trial-and-error learning. Ruediger S, Spirig D, Donato F, Caroni P.

Dec 19 -  Matteo Mainetti (Univ. Wisconsin), alumnus seminar, Progress on the Information Integration Theory of Consciousness.

Dec 26 - No Mtg - Winter break.

Jan 2 - No Mtg - Happy 2013!

Jan 9 - Ben Goertzel (Novamente LLC), Guest seminar, On Artificial General Intelligence.

Jan 16 - Jacob Nordman (Kabbani Lab), research seminar: Mechanisms of Alpha 7 Nicotinic Receptor Signaling in Axonal Growth.


Jan 21 - No CN3 Mtg, MLK Day.

Jan 28 -  Ilana Heintz (BBN), Guest seminar, Applications of Latent Semantic Analysis to metaphor detection.

Feb 4 - Parsa Hosseini (Bioinformatics / Computational Biology), research seminar, Progress in the identification of conserved topological motifs in neuronal arbors.

Feb 11 - Ruchi, research seminar, Neuronal morphology goes digital: a research hub for cellular and system neuroscience.

Feb 18 - No CN3 Mtg, President's Day.

Feb 25 - Eswar Iyer (Cox's lab), Guest seminar: A Systems Approach to Class-Specific Dendrite Development: From Molecule to Behavior.

March 4 - David Golomb (Ben Gurion Univ. & HHMI JFRC), Guest seminar, Short-term synaptic plasticity, inhibitory interneurons, and the response of cortical circuits to thalamic inputs.

March 11 - Jennifer Luebke (Boston U.), Guest seminar: Electrophysiological & morphological changes to frontal cortical pyramidal neurons in the rTg4510 mouse model of progressive tauopathy.

March 18 - Rebecca Kamen (NVCC & NIH), Guest seminar: Art, Neuroscience, and Communication: from Cajal to this date.

March 25 - No CN3 Mtg.

April 1 - No CN3 Mtg.

April 8 - Kevin Briggman (NIH/NINDS), Guest seminar, Serial block-face scanning electron microscopy.

April 15 - Sachiko Murase (NIH/NINDS), Guest seminar, Developmental neuronal death, survival pathways, and network activity in the hippocampus.

April 22 - Tanu Luke (Ctr Neural Dynamics, Krasnow), Guest seminar, Complete Classification of the Macroscopic Behavior of a
Heterogeneous Network of Theta Neurons.

April 29 - Eric Smith (Santa Fe Inst. & Krasnow), Guest seminar, From linguistics to biosphere organization.

May 6 - Rebekah, research seminar, Computational and electrophysiological investigation into calcium dynamics of striatal medium spiny neurons.

May 13 - Dezhe Jin (Penn State Univ), Guest seminar, Auditory feedback and repeated vocal sequences.

May 20 - CN3 Hike/Party!

May 27 - No CN3 Mtg, Memorial Day.

June 3 - No CN3 Mtg, NeuroMorpho.Org Conference at Krasnow!

June 10 -  Erica Glasper (UMD), Guest seminar, Paternal experience and plasticity: impacts on fathers and offspring.

June 17 - No CN3 Mtg, summer recess.

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