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2013-2014 CN3 Meeting Calendar - Thursdays from 11:30am sharp to 1:00pm, Krasnow Lecture Room.

Date - Presenter, Meeting type: Title

Aug 29 - Ted, research talk: Molecules, synapses, and spatial navigation: The new paradigm for investigation of hippocampal maturation.

Sep 5 - Alexei, research talk: An update on semantic mapping.

Sep 12 - MURI site visit (11a-3p) in the ARCH Lab conference room in David King building.

Sep 19 - Avrama, research talk: Sabbatical review

Sep 26 - Giorgio: grant canyon update...

Oct 3 - Benjamin Holmes, Wright State Univ., research talk: Biomarkers, genetic circuits, and big data: quick access to biological information

Oct 10 - Huaying, research talk: Patch Clamp Recording with CX614 Treatment on Developing Rat: relevance for modeling

Oct 17 - Laurence Bray (Bioengineering), research talk: Real-time simulation of large-scale biological models and virtual robotic applications

Oct 24 - Sriram, research talk: Striatal synchrony during DA depletion triggered by fast-spiking interneurons

Oct 31 - Jennifer Hasler (GeorgiaTech), guest talk: Neuromorphic engineering

Nov 7 - Jen-Hao Yeh (Univ. of Maryland), job talk: Wave Chaos: an application of chaotic dynamics in complicated wave systems

Nov 14 - Ruben Armananzas (Univ. of No. Carolina), guest talk: Computational Intelligence in Neuroinformatics: Recent and Ongoing Projects

Nov 21 - All SfN attendees, Highlights from San Diego.

Nov 28 -  No CN3 Mtg, Thanksgiving.

Dec 2 (2:30p! Extra seminar!) -  Faramarz Faghihi (Dept. Comput. Neurosci., Inst. Biophys., Univ. Goettingen, Germany), job talk: A systems biology-based modeling of information processing in Drosophila's brain

Dec 5 -
   Bob, research talk: Refreshing our memories with CRAM & SPAM... (preceded by Greta-Ann's report from DC Neuro-slam)

Dec 12 -  Keivan Moradi (Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran), job talk: Hippocampus:
Top-down, Bottom-up

Dec 19 -  Jingpeng Wu (Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, China), job talk: 3D reconstruction of neurons and blood vessels in the whole mouse brain

Dec 26 & Jan 2 -  No Mtg - Winter recess: Happy 2014!

Jan 9 -  Giorgio, research talk: Much ADO about BIG learning

Jan 16 - Sridevi, research talk: Statistical analysis and data mining of publicly available digital reconstructions of dendritic morphologies


Jan 24 - Todd, research talk: Sequence analyses of neuronal trees: from topological motifs to multiple alignment

Jan 31/Feb 7 - No CN3 mtgs

Feb 14 - Neuroscience PhD Open House (no CN3 mtg)

Feb 21 - Charise, review talk: Determining how neurons look when they grow up.

Feb 28 - Avrama/CenLab, journal club: Science. 2013 Nov 29;342(6162):1107-11. doi: 10.1126/science.1245622. Long-distance integration of nuclear ERK signaling triggered by activation of a few dendritic spines. Zhai S, Ark ED, Parra-Bueno P, Yasuda R.

Mar 7 - Sergey Chernyak (SCI Lab), research talk: Oxytocin Influences Laypeople Intuition Regarding Belief in Free Will and Moral Responsibility.

Mar 14 - No CN3 mtg - Spring Break

Mar 21 -
Emily (PBNJ), research talk: Biomarkers for resilience  in adults exposed to early life stress

Mar 28 - Alexander, research talk: Hippocampal firing pattern classification

Apr 4 - Erin (PBNJ), research talk: Molecular separation of NMDA receptor properties that regulate the late postnatal emergence of spatial learning and memory

Apr 11 - Dan McHail (PBNJ), research talk: Progress on the BAMBI project.

Apr 18 - Michael Pritz (Krasnow professor), research talk: Vertebrate evolution and development: What is the role for quantitative methods?

Apr 25 ("arbor day"?!) Dr. Cha-Min Tang (UMBC), guest talk (@11:15a instead of 1:45p! This week only): A candidate neural circuit for temporal sequence memory: Anatomic and biophysical characteristics of a previously unrecognized inter-lamellar network.

May 2 - Sarah, Journal Club: The Journal of Neuroscience, 19 February 2014, 34(8): 2845-2859; doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.1782-13.2014

May 7 (1:45p Wednesday instead of Friday! This week only) Dr. Steven Bressler (Florida Atlantic University ), guest talk: Beta Synchrony in Visual Expectation.

May 16 - Asia, research talk: Possible molecular plasticity signature in the hippocampus .

May 22 (1:45p Thursday instead of Friday! This week only) Dr. Shreejoy Tripathy (University of British Columbia), guest talk: Semi-automated approaches for drawing inferences from the vast neurophysiology literature.

May 23 - !CN3 Hike/Party!

May 29 - (Thursday) 1-4p: CN3 site visit (Ted, Avrama, Giorgio)

June 6 - No Ctr mtg, summer recess.

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