Center for Neural Informatics, Neural Structures, and Neural Plasticity (CN3)

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2015-2016 CN3 Meeting Calendar - Tuesdays from 11a sharp to 12n, Krasnow Lecture Room.

Date - Presenter, Meeting type: Title

Sep 8 - Erik Bloss (Janelia/HHMI): Spatially structured dendritic inhibition supports branch-selective integration in CA1 pyramidal cells.

Sep 15 - Mark Cembroski (Janelia/HHMI): Continuously variable transcriptional differences underlie prominent CA1 pyramidal cell heterogeneity.

Sep 22 - Keivan: Synaptic mining in the hippocampus.

Sep 29 - Todd: Finding consensus in morphological reconstruction.

Oct 6 - Jacopo Annese (Brain Observatory): The Digital Brain Bank.

Oct 13 - SfN dry-runs.

Oct 20 - No CN3 -- SfN.

Oct 27 - SfN debriefs.

Nov 3 - Erhan Bas (Janelia/HHMI): Large scale axonal reconstruction: How to find a needle in a haystack.

Wed Nov 11 *special date* (instead of Tue Nov 10): Frances Skinner (Univ. Toronto), Modeling O/LM interneurons.

Nov 17
- @1p *special time* Robin Cunningham (co-founder, national education and advocacy group) Cure Alliance for Mental Illness.

Nov 24
- Everyone: journal club of Markram et al (2015) "Reconstruction and Simulation of Neocortical Microcircuitry" with all-hands-on-deck demo
of the Neocortical Microcircuit Collaboration Portal.

Dec 1 - Everyone: elevator pitch of 2-3 ideas per person for the

Dec 8 - Dan M., Hippocampal network level effects of developmental changes in AMPA receptor structure and function.

Dec 15 - Sandro Romani (Janelia/HHMI): Neural network models of hippocampal memory.

Dec 22 - Jan 5: No mtg - winter recess

Jan 12 - Alexei (Nuclear University, Moskow): Biological Inspired Cognitive Architectures.

Jan 19 - Toufiq Parag (Janelia/HHMI): an overview of the FlyEM project.

Jan 28 (*Special day/time) - Robin Cunningham & Hakon Heimer ( Cure Alliance for Mental Illness): The Sphere Initiative

Feb 2 - No mtg

Feb 9 -
Giorgio - A bird's eye view of the lab.

Feb 16 - Ruben - Neuronal profiling by machine learning.

Feb 23 - No mtg

Mar 1 - Ting  Zhao (HHMI Janelia): NeuTube and related SWC-compatible tools.

Mar 8 - Giorgio - Neuron classification from network connectivity.

Mar 15 - No Mtg

Mar 22 - Ted Usdin (National Institute of Mental Health, NIH) - On neuropeptides, mood, and pain.

Mar 29 - Maximilian Riesenhuber (Georgetown University) - Computational neuroscience and the MAX function.

Apr 5 -
Chet Sherwood (George Washington University) TBD

Apr 12 - No Mtg -- attend the 4/14 NGSO/SiN symposium instead...

Apr 19 - Subhasis Ray (Upi Bhalla's lab, Bangalore, India) TBD

Apr 26 - Chip Gerfen (NIMH, NIH) Corticostriatal system maps corticocortical connectivity.

May 3 - No Mtg

May 10 - Sridevi - OntoSearch hands-on demo: a new search option for NeuroMorpho.Org

May 17 - David - NeuronID hands-on demo & mapping Allen Brain Atlas expression on Hippocampome neuron types

May 24 - CN3 *Hike & Party* !!!

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