Center for Neural Informatics, Neural Structures, and Neural Plasticity (CN3)

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2016-2017 CN3 Meeting Calendar - Tuesdays from 11a sharp to 12n, Krasnow *Conference* Room (Rm 222)!

Date - Presenter, Meeting type: Title

Sep 27 - Robin Hanson (Economy department, GMU), guest seminar - Age of emulations.

Oct 4 - Giorgio - Six approaches to neuronal classification, and why I'm placing my bet on the seventh one.

Oct 11 - Christopher - Weighing the evidence in Peters' rule: does neuronal morphology predict connectivity?

Oct 18 - Martin Wiener (Psychology department, GMU), guest seminar - Enabling Open Data in Neuroscience: From one Researcher to Many.

Nov 1 - Andrew Peterson (Institute for Philosophy & Public Policy, GMU), guest seminar - Finding consciousness following catastrophic brain injury .

Nov 8 - SfN dry-runs.

Nov 22
- SfN debrief.

Nov 29
- Peter Carruthers (UMD), guest seminar - The conscious mind as marionette.

Dec 6 - Patricia - LiterMate: a tool to domesticate literature-mining.

Dec 20 - TBD

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