CENlab: Personnel 

The Computational and Experimental Neuroplasticity Laboratory is an interdisciplinary research group; its interests and expertise spans both the biological and physical sciences.
* Kim "Avrama" Blackwell
* Dietmar Plenz, National Institute of Mental Health
* Jeanette Hellgren Kotaleski, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
* Ted Abel, University of Pennsylvania
* Manuela Zaccolo, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
* David Lovinger, National Institute of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse
* Laurent Venance, College of France
Postdoctoral Associates:
* Asia Jedrzejewska-Szmek
* Zbyszek Jedrzejewski-Szmek

Graduate Students:
*Daniel Dorman
*Sarah Hawes

Previous Postdoctoral Associates:
* Wonryull Koh, Assistant Professor, University of Southern Mississippi
* BoHung Kim, Assistant Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ulsan, South Korea
* Rodrigo Oliveira, Postdoctoral Associate, Champalimaud Center for the Unknown in Portugal
* Yann Le Franc, University of Antwerp, INCF Belgium Node
*Jeanette Hellgren Kotaleski, Professor at the Royal Institue of Technology, Stockholm
*Mo JiLing

Previous Graduate Students:
*Sriramen Damodaran
*Rebekah Evans, Postdoctoral Associate, NIH
*MyungSook Kim
*Kuen Hang "Susan" Yang, Professor, Chapman University

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