Gabaergic Polymorphic Cells (gpc)

Main references (data with "?" refer to a reasonable guess; with "??" to a total guess):
Morphology: Mott et al., 1997; Sik et al., 1997.
Number and connectivity: Patton and McNaughton, 1994.
Biochemistry and physiology: ??

Type: Interneurons, inhibitory (GABA).
Number: 15,000
Location (Dentate Gyrus): soma and dendrites in hilus, axon in molecular layer.

Explicit morphological data: Southampton archive (cells 252-262).

Notes: Gabaergic Polymorphic Cells are basically the inhibitory version of mossy cells. Cells in this category are sometimes divided in hipp, hicap, and other subspecies (see e.g. Freund and Buzsaki, 1996). These cells show a remarkable gamma-rhytmicity.


Axonal output (number of cells contacted, with one synapse unless specified; in parenthesis: number of cells of that type):
40,000 DG gc (1,000,000)
200 DG mc (30,000)

Axo-somatic input:
GABA ?350 SHP on soma and dendrites (climbing)

Dendritic input:
Glu 9000 DG gc (1,000,000) on shaft?
Glu 3000 DG mc (30,000) on shaft?
Glu 400 EC (200,000) on shaft?

Spines: ??
Dendrites: AMPA, CCa, ?
Soma: GABA-A?, GABA-B, CNa, CK?, ED, ?.
Axon: CNa, CK?, EP, EC.

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