Past CNG Lab Meetings (through summer 2002)

Recent CNG Lab Meetings (2002-2003)

ABC Meeting Calendar (Wednesday, 9:30am-12pm)

Sep 17  Giorgio (Research: Early postnatal development of the mouse spinal motoneuron dendritic morphology)
Sep 24  No Mtg
Oct 1     Journal Club (Lisman JE, Neuron 22:233-242, 1999)
Oct 8     Ruggero (Research: Thesis defense)
Oct 15   Journal Club (Buzsaki G, Neuroscience 31:551-570, 1989)
Oct 22   Alexei (Research: From virtual neurons to virtual networks)
Oct 29   Journal Club (McNaughton BL et al., J. Exptl. Biol. 199:173-185, 1996)
Nov 5    Duncan (Research: fellowship proposal & results)
Nov 12  No Mtg - SFN
Nov 19  Bisti Conference report (Ruggero, Deepak, Sridevi)
Nov 26  SfN Conference report (Alexei, Duncan, Giorgio)
Dec 3   Qian Yang (Georgetown University): Local Gamma Oscillators in Rat Auditory Cortical Slice
Dec 10 Journal Club (Treves A & Rolls ET,  Hippocampus, 4:374-391, 1994)

SPRING CALENDAR (Tuesdays, 10a-12 noon)

17-Feb    All: Quick Project Presentations
24-Feb    Giorgio: NSF Grant Proposal "Characterization of the input/output relationship in CA3 pyramidal cells"
2-Mar      No Lab Mtg
9-Mar      Sridevi: Research Talk: "Ontology: What it is, why we need one, and how to build it"
16-Mar    No Lab Mtg - German Barrionuevo's visit - Informal Discussion       
23-Mar    Deepak (Journal Club): Kali S, Dayan P (2000) The involvement of recurrent connections in (...) place fields: a model. J Neurosci. 20:7463-77
30-Mar    Alexei (Research) A Neural Network Model of the Hippocampus Pathfinding Role in Episodic Memory Retrieval
6-Apr       No Lab Mtg
13-Apr    Duncan (Journal Club): Wallenstein et al. (1998) The hippocampus as an associator of discontiguous events. TINS 21:317.
20-Apr    John Baker: Research Talk/Proposal: "Modeling CA3 pyramidal cells: biophysics, electrophysiology, and place fields"
27-Apr    No Lab Mtg - HBP 10th anniversay mtg - Bethesda       
4-May      All: CNG outreach - computational neuroanatomy and neuroinformatics
11-May    Xiaoshen (Research): Synaptically-driven spiking in neuronal models.
21-May   (FRIDAY ) Juan Cebral (SCS, GMU): Computational brain angiography
1-June    Conference Reports: Boston-ICCN (Alexei) and Chicago-NEURON (Ruggero and Xiaoshen)