2002-2003 CNG Lab Meetings

2003-2004 CNG Lab Meetings

CNG Lab Meeting Calendar (Tuesdays, 2-4pm)

Sep 7  Duncan (Practice talk: Comparative modeling of dendritic branching)
Sep 14  Giorgio (Lab projects and goals: CNG '04-'05)
Sep 21  Alexei (Research talk: Morphological homeostasis in pyramidal cell dendrites)
Sep 28  Jeff Krichmar, NSI (Visiting lecture: Machine Psychology)
Oct 5  Deepak (Project presentation: Stereology and connectivity of the hippocampus)
Oct 12  Giorgio (Journal Club: Measuring Information Integration - Tononi and Sporns, BMC Neuroscience 2003)
Oct 19 NO LAB MTG (Finalize your SfN Posters!)
Oct  26 NO LAB MTG (SfN Meeting)
Nov 2  Giorgio, Alexei, Ruggero, Xiaoshen, Deepak: SfN Meeting Report
Nov 9  Bonnie and Ruggero (Research talk: Digital reconstruction of projection axons)
Nov 16 Kerry (Research talk: Usage and validation of a freeware neuroanatomical tracing system)
MONDAY Nov 22 1pm Journal Club: Design-based stereology in neuroscience
Nov 30 Microbrighfield Factotum (On-site training: Neurolucida setup)
Dec 7 Sridevi (Research talk and tutorial: new online L-Measure functionality)
Dec 14 Xiaoshen (Research talk: Input/output relationship in CA1 pyramidal cells)
Dec 21 Alexander Komendantov, Tulane University (Visiting lecture: "Computational Modeling of the Firing Properties of the Hypothalamic
Magnocellular Neurons")

Jan 11 (part 1) Guest talks from MITRE: Ken Smith ("A system to share and explore DTI and structural MRI data")
Jan 11 (part 2) Guest talks from MITRE: Monica Carley-Spencer ("Content-Based Image Retrieval of Neuroimagery")
Jan 18 Michele F. (Research talk on CA1 pyramidal cells, Ka, and Ih)

SPRING SCHEDULE: Thursdays, 3-5pm

Jan 27    NO LAB MTG
Feb 3     Xiaoshen    (journal club:    Mel's back-to-back Neuron 2003 papers)
Feb 10   John Baker    (Research talk:    CA3 active conductances)
Feb 17   NO LAB MTG
Feb 24   NO LAB MTG
Mar 4 (FRIDAY!) Duncan    (Research talk:    morphological cleaning criteria and standard format…)
Mar 10   Bill Marks, NINDS, NIH  (Visiting lecture: Morphological modeling in spinal motoneurons)
Mar 17   NO LAB MTG
March 24 Giorgio (Journal club: London et al's Nature Neuroscience 2002 "The information efficacy of a synapse", archived in the CNG server under papers)
March 31 Giorgio (Research talk: Cued-Recalled Autobiographical Memories)
April 7  Alexei (Research Proposal: A Self-Aware Cognitive Architecture)
April 14  Kerry  (Journal club: automated neuronal reconstructions)
April  21  NO LAB MTG
Apri  28  Maryam (Research talk: A relational database of neuronal morphology)
May  5    INTERNAL DEADLINE for SfN Abstract!!
May 12  NO LAB MTG
May 19  Ahmet Omurtag, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, New York (Visiting Lecture: "Modeling neuronal population dynamics with an application to orientation tuning"