Caulescence Project

Caulescence is a method and metric for determining a main path in a tree structure. Code and documentation are presented herein. This code was used in the analysis presented in "Quatifying neuronal size: summing up trees and splitting the branch difference" (Brown et al., 2008).

The code is primarily in Java, with several R files for statistical analysis. Code (.java files) is available, as are the compiled class files which can be run with the java command on any platform. Below you will find the .class and .java files in their respective folders, as well as a zip files containing the files within the appropriate directory structure. Documentation for the Java code is found in the FileList.txt, with some directions for running the "scripts" in the README file. R files are commented. They are not meant to be run all at once. For data, you will need to download swc data sets from Please address any questions to Todd Gillette (