CA1 Pyramidal cells (CA1 pc)

Main references (data with "?" refer to a reasonable guess; with "??" to a total guess):
Morphology: Hillman, 1979; Van Pelt, 1997 and references therein.
Number and connectivity: Deuchars and Thomson, 1996; Bernard and Wheal, 1994.
Biochemistry and physiology: Mainen et al., 1996; Carnevale et al., 1997.

Type: Principal cells, excitatory (glutamate).
Number: 300,000
Location (CA1): Soma in pyramidal layer, axon and basal dendrites in oriens/alveus, apical dendrites in lacunoso/moleculare.

Explicit morphological data: Southampton archive (cells n126-n130)

Notes: We will assume that apical dendrites do not receive either CA1 pyramidal collateral or EC perforant pat.


Axonal output (number of cells contacted, with one synapse unless specified; in parenthesis: number of cells of that type):
2100 CA1 pc (300,000)
1200 CA1 bc (4000)
2500 CA1 oa (4000)
300 CA1 cc (1000)
?? EC (200,000)

Axo-somatic input:
GABA 130 CA1 cc x 20 (1000) on axon
GABA 2400 CA1 bc (4000) on soma

Apical Dendritic input:
Glu 6000? CA3 pc x 5 (200,000) on spines (Schaffer collateral)
AcCh ?? SHP on spines?
GABA 2500 CA1 lm (4000) on shaft

Basal Dendritic input
Glu 2100 CA1 pc (300,000) on spines
Glu 6000? CA3 pc x 5 (200,000) on spines
AcCh ?? SHP on spines?
GABA 2400 CA1 oa (4000) on shaft

Spines: NMDA, AMPA, mGlu, ER, mAcCh, ED ?
Dendrites: GABA-A?, GABA-B, CCa?, Esp, EC, EP ?
Soma: GABA-A, GABA-B, CNa, CK?, AMPA?, NMDA?, ED ?
Axon: GABA-A, GABA-B, EP, EC, CNa, CK ?

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