2002-2003 CNG Lab Meetings

2003-2004 CNG Lab Meetings

2004-2005 CNG Lab Meetings

CNG Lab Meeting Calendar (Thursdays, 2:30-4:30pm, Krasnow Lecture Room)

Sep 1    Giorgio (State of the lab: CNG '04-'05)
Sep 8    Giorgio (Reading Club: SOB Ch 1 - Synaptic Circuits)
Sep 15  [Meet In Great Room!] Jokubas Ziburkus, NDL (Guest Talk: "Inhibitory and excitatory interplay during in vitro seizures")
Sep 22  Alexander (Reading Club: SOB Ch 2 - Membrane properties and NTs)
Sept 29 Qiao Jiang, Clayton Fan, Steve Senft (Project presentation: "Digital reconstruction of human angiography")
Oct 6     Lab Meeting Canceled (cortical interneuron meeting)
Oct 13   NO LAB MTG (Yom Kippur)
Oct 20   [Meet In Great Room!] Craig McDonald, Smith Lab (Guest Talk: "Neuroplasticity in the adolescent nucleus accumbens and its role in sensitization to nicotine")
Oct 27   Duncan (Reading Club: SOB Ch 3 - Spinal Cord)
Nov 3    Ruggero and Susan (Research: Analysis of perforant pathways)
Nov 10  NO Lab meeting - wrap up your SfN posters!
Nov 17  ALL CNG (Conference Report: highlights of SfN in Washington DC)
Nov 24  NO LAB MTG (Thxgiving)
Dec 1    Sridevi (Reading Club: SOB Ch 4 - Cochlear Nucleus)
Dec 8    NO LAB MTG (NIPS conference)
Dec 15  NO LAB MEETING (winter recess - enjoy!)

Jan   12 ALL CNG (Kipi retreat - institute wide !)
Jan   19 Yuan Liu, NINDS, & Dennis Glanzman, NIMH (Guest Talk on NIH grantsmanship and funding opportunities)

Spring semester: Wednesdays, 10:00a-12noon, Krasnow Lecture Room

Jan 25   Michele (Reading Club: SOB Ch 5 - Olfactory Bulb)
Feb 1    Rob Cressman, NDL (Guest Talk: "Local ionic and metabolic changes during seizures")
Feb 8    NO LAB MTG
Feb 15  Maryam (Reading Club: SOB Ch 6 - Retina)
Feb 22  Xiaoshen (Research: synaptic synchrony and linearity of the I/O relationship)
Mar 1    Kerry (Reading Club: SOB Ch 7 - Cerebellum)
Mar 8    Nathalia Peixoto, Gluckman's lab (Guest Talk: "Stimulation and cyclic voltammetry in chronically implanted rats")
Mar 15  Deepak (Reading Club: SOB Ch 8 - Thalamus)
Mar 22  David Cooper, NS PhD (Guest Talk: "Modeling procedural motor memory")
Mar 29  Ruggero (Reading Club: SOB Ch 9 - Basal Ganglia)
Apr 5     Avrama Blackwell (Guest Talk on Computational and Experimental Neuroplasticity)
Apr 12   NO LAB MTG
Apr 19   Xiaoshen (Reading Club: SOB Ch 10 - Olfactory Cortex)
Apr 26   Kerry (Research: Cerebellar climbing fibers)
May 3    Susan (Reading Club: SOB Ch 11 - Hippocampus)
May 10  NO LAB MTG [wrap up your SfN abstracts: deadline is Monday, May 15, 2006, 5:00 p.m. EDT!]
May 24  NO LAB MTG
May 31 Jonathan Mason, Gluckman's lab (Guest Talk: "Neurodegeneration due to electrode implantation in freely behaving animals")
Jun 7    ALL CNG (Reading Club: SOB Ch 12 - Cortex & wrap-up)
Jun 14  Julia Berzhanskaya, Schiff's lab (Guest Talk: "Mind control in a dish: switching between theta and gamma").