Center for Neural Informatics, Neural Structures, and Neural Plasticity (CN3)

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2006-2007 CN3 Meeting Calendar (Thursdays, 10-11:30am, Krasnow Lecture Room)

Date - Presenter, Meeting type: Title

Aug 24 - Wonryull Koh (Texas A&M Univ.), Research Seminar: Approximating Boundary Surfaces of Anatomical Structures in Mouse Brain Olfactory Bulb.

Aug 31 - Avrama and Giorgio, Research Seminar: Overview of CN3 research projects, scientific interests, and technical expertise.

Sep 7 - Avrama, Journal Club: Gasparini & Magee JN06, State-dependent dendritic computation in hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons.

Sep 14 - Maryam, Shazeeb, and Sridevi, Research Seminar: Digital tools for neuronal morphologies: L-Measure and NeuroMorpho.Org

Sep 21 - Kerry, Journal Club: Alle & Geiger Sc06, Combined analog and action potential coding in hippocampal mossy fibers.

Sep 28 - Yann, Research Seminar: Sensory and nociceptive information tranfer through the spinal cord dorsal horn network.

Oct 5 - Avrama, Journal Club: Morris et al. NatN06,  Midbrain dopamine neurons encode decisions for future action.

Oct 12 - No CN3 Meeting, finish Atlanta posters and informal dry runs for SfN presentations.

Oct 19 - Alexander, Avrama, Giorgio, Kerry, Myung, Conference Report: SfN Highlights.

Oct 26 - Duncan and Julia, Conference Report: SfN Highlights. Myung, Research Seminar: Spatiotemporal sensitivity of long term potentiation.

Nov 2 - Julia, Journal Club, Sjostrom & Hausser, Ne06, A cooperative switch determines the sign of synaptic plasticity.

Nov 9 - Dan Cox (Molecular and MicroBiology Dept., GMU), Research Seminar: Drosophila dendrites.

Nov 16 - Alexander, Journal Club, Rumsey & Abbott, JNP06, Synaptic democracy in active dendrites.
Nov 23 - No CN3 Meeting, Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 30 - Adam, Research Seminar, Dyslexia and saccadic suppression.

Dec 7 - Deepak, Journal Club, Fukata et al., Sc06, Epilepsy-related ligand/receptor complex regulate synaptic transmission.
Dec 14 - TBD, CenLab, Journal Club, Huang et al. EJCB06, Compartmentalized PKA signaling events are required for synaptic tagging and capture during hippocampal LTP.

Dec 21 - Kurt F. Ahrens, PhD (Associate Director, Systems Neuroscience, Allen Institute for Brain Science), Research Seminar: "Characterizing" cortical cell types.

Dec 28 - No CN3 Meeting, Happy Holidays!

Jan 4 - Avrama, Journal Club, Nevian & Sakmann, JN06, Spine Ca2+ signaling in spike-timing-dependent plasticity.

Jan 11 - All CN3 members attends Krasnow Retreat (SUB II)!

Jan 18
- Alexander, Research Seminar: Modeling synaptic efficacy.

Jan 25 - Ruggero, Journal Club, Sargolini et al., Sc06, Conjunctive representation of position, direction, and velocity in entorhinal cortex, AND Hafting et al., Na05, Microstructure of a spatial map in the entorhinal cortex.

Feb 1 - Steve Senft, Research Seminar: New Results from Mouse MRI.

Feb 8
- Susan, Journal Club, Robbe et al., NatN06, Cannabinoids reveal importance of spike timing coordination in hippocampal function.

Feb 15 - No CN3 Meeting, enjoy!

Feb 22 - Rodrigo, Journal Club, Humphries et al., JN06, A physiologically plausible model of action selection and oscillatory activity in the basal ganglia.

Mar 1 - Duncan, Research Seminar, Comparative modeling of dendritic morphology.

Mar 8
- Myung, Journal Club, Whitlock et al., Sc06, Learning induces long-term potentiation in the hippocampus.

Mar 15
- Deepak, Research Seminar, Computational neuroanatomy of the rat hippocampus.

Mar 22
- Duncan, Journal Club, Rabinowitch & Segev, JN06, The endurance and selectivity of spatial patterns of long-term potentiation/depression.

Mar 29 - Alexei, Research Seminar, From modeling the brain to a computational theory of mind.

Apr 5
- Rebekah, Journal Club, Churchland, Sc02, Self-Representation in nervous systems.

Apr 12 - German Barrionuevo, PhD (University of Pittsburgh), Research Seminar, Physiology and plasticity of CA3 interneurons.

Apr 19
- Grand Challenge Participants, Journal Club++, Sasaki et al., JN06, Metastability of Active CA3 Networks (download data for grand challenge).

Apr 26 - Grand Challange Part II and review of article, data, and analyses.

May 3 - Kerry, Research Seminar, Axonal morphology of CA3 interneurons.

May 10 - No CN3 Meeting, Final Exams AND SfN Abstracts due!

May 17 - Annual CN3 Hikes (FULL DAY).

May 24 - Giorgio, Training Seminar, Scientific Research as an Inside-Out Process.

May 31
- Jeanette Hellgren Kotaleski, PhD (Karolinska & Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden), Research Seminar, Subcellular temporal computation in reinforcement learning.

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