Software and data downloads

L-Neuron [Generation and description of virtual neurons that are anatomically indistinguishable from their real counterparts]
L-Measure [Tool for analysis and search of neuronal morphologies]
Caulescence [Java/R tools to quantify the main path in neuronal trees]
NeuroMorpho.Org [A centrally curated database of digitally reconstructed neurons] [A knowledge base of hippocampal neuron types]
Brain Vasculature database [Digital reconstructions of the human brain arterial arborizations]
3D whole-hippocampus model [Microscopic images and digital reconstruction of rat hippocampal cytoarchitecture]
Diadem challenge [Resources for the continuous development of automated neuronal reconstruction]
VNED [Virtual NeuroMorphology Electronic Database]
Chemesis [a set of GENESIS libraries used for modeling signaling pathways in neurons]
Threshold [a Java application to extract 3D coordinates from set of images]

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