Radiatum interneurons (ri)

Main references (data with "?" refer to a reasonable guess; with "??" to a total guess):
Morphology: Same as polymorphic cells?!
Number and connectivity: Bernard and Wheal, 1994.
Biochemistry and physiology: Freund and Buzsaki, 1996.

Type: Interneurons, inhibitory (GABA)
Number: 4000
Location (CA3): Soma and axon in stratum radiatum, dendrites in all layers.

Explicit morphological data: Southampton archive (cells l18, l82 etc.)

Notes: These interneurons are assumed to be dendro-specific basket cells.


Axonal output (number of cells contacted, with one synapse unless specified; in parenthesis: number of cells of that type):
120,000 CA3 pc (200,000)
800 CA3 oi (4000)
200 CA3 cc (1000)

Axo-somatic input:
GABA ?550 SHP on soma and dendrites (climbing)

Dendritic input:
Glu ?? EC (200,000) on shaft
Glu ?? DG gc (1,000,000) on shaft
Glu 20,000 CA3 pc (200,000) on shaft
GABA 800 CA3 oi (4000) on shaft

Spines: ?
Dendrites: AMPA, CCa?, NMDA?
Soma: GABA-A?, GABA-B, CNa, CK?, ED
Axon: CNa, CK?, EP, EC.

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