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2008-2009 CN3 Meeting Calendar (Tuesdays, 12:30-2:30pm, Krasnow Lecture Room)

Date - Presenter, Meeting type: Title

Sep 2 - Giorgio, CN3 logistics, organization, and introduction Mtg.

Sep 9 - Giorgio, Research Seminar: Computer simulations of neuronal morphology and automated digital tracing:
A win/win image-data-model reconstruction loop.

Sep 16 - Avrama, Journal Club: Harvey et al., Sc08, The spread of Ras activity triggered by activation of a single dendritic spine.

Sep 23 - Kerry and Todd, Research Seminar: Caulescence, a new metric for neuronal morphology.

Sep 30 - No CN3 Mtg, Rosh-haShana.

Oct 7 - Rebekah, Journal Club: Shen et al., Sco8, Dichotomous dopaminergic control of striatal synaptic plasticity.

Oct 14 - John, Research Seminar: Unitary synaptic responses in CA3 pyramidal cells.

Oct 21 - Michele, Journal Club: Losonczy et al., Na08, Compartmentalized dendritic plasticity and input feature storage in neurons.

Oct 28 - Todd, Research Seminar: A custom-made, R-based cluster analysis tool.

Nov 4 - David, Journal Club: Thivierge & Cisek, JN08, Nonperiodic synchronization in heterogeneous networks of spiking neurons.

Nov 11 - Hanchuan Peng (HHMI/JFRC), guest seminar: Turning images to knowledge.

Nov 18 - No CN3 Mtg, SfN Meeting.

Nov 25 - All SfN Attendees, Conference Report: Washington DC Highlights (part 1).

Dec 2 - All SfN Attendees, Conference Report: Washington DC Highlights (part 2)

Dec 9 - Art Pope (SET Corp., Arlington), Guest Seminar: Semantic relations & virtual reality tools for cognitive science.

Dec 16 - James Albus (NIST and Krasnow), Guest Seminar: A Model of Computation and Representation in the Brain.

Dec 23 - No CN3 Mtg, Happy Winter Recess!


Jan 26 - Michele Migliore (Yale Univ. and Natl. Res. Council, Palermo, Italy), Guest seminar: Simulations studies on the olfactory bulb, plus (time permitting)... Getting sober with Ih: simulation of ethanol effects on dopaminergic neurons.

Feb 2 - Maryam, Research Seminar: Comprehensive Literature Search for NeuroMorpho.Org.

Feb 9 - Maryam, Journal Club: Peng et al., Ne08, Coordinated changes in dendritic arborization and synaptic strength during neural circuit development.

Feb 16 - No CN3 Mtg, President's day.

Feb 23 - Erin, Research Seminar, Will Transgenic Lines Chimeric for NR2 Sub-domains Reveal Altered Development in Spatial Learning?

Mar 2 - Deepak, Journal Club: Escobar et al., JN08, Structural plasticity of circuits in cortical neuropil.

Mar 9 - No CN3 Mtg, Spring Break.

Mar 16 - Bryan Devan (Towson Univ.), Guest Seminar: Hippocampal & striatal memory systems - therapeutic phosphodiesterase inhibition and cognitive enhancement.

Mar 23 - Bob, Research Seminar: An update on SPAM & CRAM (measuring human autobiographic memories).

Mar 30 - Sridevi, journal club, Chow et al., NaN, Laminar regulation of dendritic growth in mature cortex.

Apr 6
- Rebekah, Research Seminar: Role of PKA anchoring in Striatal Synaptic Plasticity.

Apr 13 - Diek Wheeler (Eastern Mennonite Univ.), Guest Seminar: Symbolic Analysis of Monkey Prefrontal Cortex During Short-Term Memory.

Apr 20
- Rodrigo, Research Seminar: Role of molecules anchoring and topology of biochemical network in striatal plasticity: stochastic simulations in spiny dendrites.

Apr 27 - Joint discussion with Arch Lab (at Krasnow) on the "internal" activity of the hippocampus in both humana and rodents: Gelbard-Sagiv et al., Sc08 and Pastalkova et al., Sc08.

May 4 - Wonryull, journal club, Keller_etal, PLoSO08, Calmodulin activation by Ca transients in dendritic spines.

May 11 - Annual CN3 Hike!

May 18 - Larry Abbott (Columbia Univ.), NGSO speaker, TBD.

May 25 - No CN3 Mtg, Memorial Day

Forthcoming...: Sriram, journal club, Thompson et al, Ne08, Genomic anatomy of the hippocampus.

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