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2009-2010 CN3 Meeting Calendar (Tuesdays, 11:30am-1:00pm, Krasnow Lecture Room)

Date - Presenter, Meeting type: Title

Sep 1 - Giorgio, CN3 logistics, organization, and introduction Mtg.

Sep 8 - Sriram, journal club, Thompson et al, Ne08, Genomic anatomy of the hippocampus.

Sep 15 - Deepak, Research Seminar: Axonal reconstructions and hippocampal stereology.

Sep 22 - Sarah, Journal Club: Yin_etal, NaN09, Dynamic reorganization of striatal circuits during the acquisition and consolidation of a skill.

Sep 29 - Todd, Research Seminar: Anti-glucocorticoid gene therapy reverses the impairing effects of elevated corticosterone on spatial memory, hippocampal neuronal excitability, and synaptic plasticity.

Oct 6 - Ted, Research Seminar: Postnatal alterations in induction threshold and expression magnitude of long-term potentiation and long-term depression at hippocampal synapses.

Oct 13 - Alexei, Research Seminar: NeuroNavigator: a large scale spiking model of  hippocampal cognitive mapping.

Oct 20 - No CN3 Mtg, SfN conference.

Oct 27 - SfN attendees, Reports: Conference highlights.

Nov 3 - Julia, Research Seminar: Modulation of hippocampal rhythms by subthreshold electric fields and network topology in a biologically realistic model.

Nov 10 - Sriram, Journal Club: Humphries_etal_NN09, Dopamine-modulated dynamic cell assemblies generated by the GABAergic striatal microcircuit.

Nov 17 - Greta Ann Herin (E. Mennonite Univ.), Guest Seminar: Modulation of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor 7a in Xenopus Oocytes: Potentiation by Intracellular Calcium and Inhibition by Lead Chloride.

Nov 24 - Victoria Shelton, GMU Life Sciences Liason Librarian, "Journal Lab": Neuroscience data mining: a hands-on demonstration.

Dec 1 - Todd, Journal Club: Harvey_etal_Na09, Intracellular dynamics of hippocampal place cells during virtual navigation.

Dec 8 - Albert Cardona (Inst. Neuroinf., Zurich, Switzerland), Guest Seminar: Identifying Drosophila neuronal lineages by sequence analysis of their projection bundles.

Dec 15 - Diek, Research Seminar: The Hippocampome project and the FAcility for MIning LIterature (FAMILI).

Dec 22 - No CN3 Mtg, Winter recess.

Jan 12, 2010 - Michele Migliore, Research Seminar: CA3 pyramidal neurons, detailed and simplified electrophysiological models.

Jan 18 - no CN3 Mtg, MLK day. From this week onward the 2010 CN3 Mtgs will be on Monday, 11am-12:30pm.

Jan 25, 2010 - Bob, Journal Club: Lansink_etal_PLoSB09, Hippocampus leads ventral striatum in replay of place-reward information.

Feb 1 - Michele F, Research Seminar: Effect of branch tapering on dendritic spike threshold and propagation.

Feb 8 - Serena Dudek (NIEHS, NIH, Triangle Park, NC), Guest Seminar: What's New in Hippocampal CA2?

Feb 15 - no CN3 Mtg, President's day.

Feb 22 - Xuefeng Wei (Duke Univ.), Guest Seminar: Analysis and Design of Electrodes for Deep Brain Stimulation.

Mar 1 - Geir Halnes (Norwegian University of Life Sciences), Guest Seminar: A compartmental model of the LGN interneuron.

Mar 8 - Rebekah, Journal Club: Gradinaru_etal_Sc09, Optical deconstruction of parkinsonian neural circuitry.

Mar 15 - Rebekah, Research Seminar: PKA activity and anchoring: role in striatal synaptic plasticity.

Mar 22 - Ruchi Parekh (Penn State Univ.), Guest Seminar: Interplay between pyramidal, basket and OLM cells during in vitro seizure-like events in the rat hippocampus.

Mar 29 - Gordon Shepherd (Northwestern Univ.), Guest Seminar: Microcircuit organization of mouse motor cortex.

Apr 5 - Rodrigo, Journal Club: Nakano_etal_PLoSCB10, A Kinetic Model of Dopamine- and Calcium-Dependent Striatal Synaptic Plasticity.

Apr 12 -
Shaul Druckmann (HHMI, Janelia Farm), Guest Seminar: Quantifying and Modeling the Diversity of Cortical Interneurons.

Apr 19 - Wonryull, Journal Club: Lee_etal_Na09, Activation of CaMKII in single dendritic spines during long-term potentiation.

Apr 26 - Vassiliy Tsytsarev (Washington U. St. Louis), Guest Seminar: Optical imaging and cortical computation.

May 3 - Alexei, Journal Club: Fenton_etal_JN10, Attention-like modulation of hippocampus place cell discharge.

May 10 - Emily, Journal Club: Sterlemann_etal_Hi10, Chronic social stress during adolescence induces cognitive impairment in aged mice.

May 17 - MURI site visit.

May 24 -
Annual CN3 hike.

May 31 - No CN3 Mtg - Memorial Day.

June 3 (THURSDAY) - Serena Dudek (NIEHS, NIH, Triangle Park, NC), Guest Seminar: What's New in Hippocampal CA2?

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