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2010-2011 CN3 Meeting Calendar (Mondays, 11:30am-1:00pm, Krasnow Lecture Room)

Date - Presenter, Meeting type: Title

Sep 20 - Giorgio, CN3 logistics, organization, and introduction Mtg.

Sep 27 - David,  research seminar, the Neuron Registry project.

Oct 4 - Erin, research seminar, NR2 chimeric lines.

Oct 11 - No CN3 Mtg - Columbus Day.

Oct 18 - Boris Gafurov (USUHS, Bethesda, MD), Guest seminar, Seizure dynamics.

Oct 25 - Emily, research seminar, Genetic-based silencing of hippocampal pyramidal cells, via allatostatin receptor expression, impairs spatial navigation.

Nov 1 - Rodrigo, research seminar, farewell job talk dry-run.

Nov 8 - Lane Wallace, research seminar, Phospholipase-C stimulation by G-protein coupled receptors and calcium in striatal neuron dendrites.

Nov 15 - No CN3 Mtg - SfN San Diego.

Nov 22 - All SfN attendees, Conference highlights.

Nov 29 - Ted, research seminar, Give it a little more time and it will all work out: AMPAR deactivation limits hippocampal processing during development.

Dec 6 - Deepak, workshop experience, Analysis and Function of Large-Scale Brain Networks.

Dec 13 - Fuhui Long (HHMI/JFRC), Guest seminar, Morphological comparison of 3D neurons extracted from microscopy images and other bioinformatics projects in neuroscience.

Dec 20 - Pawel Kudela (Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, MD), Guest seminar, Network models of epileptiform activity: insights into seizure dynamics evolution and interruption.

Dec 27 - No Mtg - Winter break.

Jan 3, 2011 - No Mtg - Happy New Year!

Jan 10 - Giorgio, Avrama, Ted, Raja Parasuraman, Jim Thompson, et al., From attentive to automatic performance: Year 1 MURI Update (half-day meeting).

Jan 17 - No Mtg - MLK Day.

Jan 24 - Gary Berg-Cross (NSF, NIST, & SOCoP), Guest seminar, Two Views of Semantics, Meaning and Understanding: Formalized Ontological & Developmental Models.

Jan 31 - No Mtg to allow attendance (if you're interested) of W.M. Joiner's talk at 11 am in Rm 3507, Nguyen Engineering Bldg., on Internal monitoring of movement for planning and perception.

Feb 7 -
Judit Makara (HHMI/JFRC), Guest seminar, Electrophysiology and information processing in CA1 pyramidal cells.

Feb 14 - Matteo, research seminar, Much ADO about BIG learning.

Feb 21 - No Mtg - President's Day.

Feb 28 - TODAY ONLY @11am!! Joshua Vogelstein (Johns Hopkins Univ.), Guest seminar, Connectome Analysis using Statistical Graph Model Based Inference. - TODAY ONLY @11am!!

Mar 7 - Rebekah, research seminar, NMDA subunit composition and STDP in the striatum

Mar 14 - Sridevi, research seminar, Linking NeuroMorpho.Org to emerging ontologies and real-world terminologies: A practical system geared for semantic web.

Mar 21 - No Mtg - NAC faculty meeting.

Mar 28 - Alexei, research seminar, NeuroNavigator: A Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architecture.

Apr 4 - Jeff Krichmar (Univ. CA Irvine), guest seminar(s), 1. Effects of Neuromodulation and Adaptive Behavior on Reciprocity During Human-Robot Interactions; 2. An Efficient and Flexible Simulation Environment for Modeling Large-Scale Cortical Processing.

Apr 11 - Christopher, research seminar, Analyzing the Hippocampal Anatomical Network through Graph Theory.

Apr 18 - Andrea Foulkes (Univ. MA Amherst), guest seminar, P-values: What they can and can't tell you.

Apr 25 - Todd, Journal Club, Bock etal, Na11, Network anatomy and in vivo physiology of visual cortical neurons.

May 2 - Sarah, research seminar, Theta frequencies and LTP in the striatum.

May 9 - Bob, research seminar, Place and response strategies: neural correlates and modifications.

May 16 -
Annual CN3 Hike (Full Day).

May 23 - Bohung, research seminar, Model of signaling pathways underlying endocannabinoid production in spines and dendrites of a striatal medium spiny neuron.

May 30 - No Mtg - Memorial Day.

Jun 6 - Eva Pastalkova (HHMI JFRC), guest seminar, Slowing the pace of the hippocampal theta clock by cooling medial septum.

Forthcoming in the Fall... Solange P. Brown (JHU).

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